Q. I see in your information that a wedding reception is for 5 1/2 hrs. What does that mean? Do we have to be out of the facility by then?

A. Here at Saucon Valley Acres your actual reception is for the full time listed. DJ starts playing, bar opens, the festivities begin. After 5 1/2 hrs. the music must stop, bar closes, lights will go up to full brightness and the staff begins its total clean up. We recognizie that it will take a little extra time for guests to finish a beverage, family and friends to hug and bid ye farewell, and the helpers to gather all personal effects to be transported home. So it is not uncommon for the client, guests or outside vendors to be here another 20 or 30 minutes post the formal reception end time.

Q. All of my family affairs are noted for all the baked goods that they make. What is your policy about being able to bring in our own homemade baked goods?

A. Saucon Valley Acres includes a Wedding Cake in the Wedding Package pricing. Elaborate Viennese Pastry Displays and/or Chocolate Fondue Fountains are available as add-ons to your reception pacakge on a per person price basis. Buffet style desserts are also available through Saucon Valley Acres for Banquets and Parties. We will however allow homemde baked goods to be brought in the day of your reception, providing that all the edibles have been pre-trayed prior to their arrival. ( refrigeration space is not guaranteed)

Q. When can my florist set up my centerpieces?

A. Your florist or any other outside vendor that you have contracted, may have access to Saucon Valley Acres for set-up purposes by 11:00AM the day of your event.

Q. It says that Saucon Valley Acres does not have a liquor license. How does that work if I want to offer an open bar?

A. You the client, bring the alcohol that you want to have served. Please ask us for our “suggested purchase guidelines” to help you with the quantities that we would recommend depending on the number of guests you are expecting. Saucon Valley Acres has on staff the bartenders, and we provide all mixers, soda, ice, glassware and condiments. For events other than wedding receptions, clients may also advise their guests that all the set-ups will be provided, and even perhaps wine and beer, but if they wish to drink thier favorite alcoholic beverages, they may BYO. ( very popular option for class reunions)

Q. I see in some of the pictures that the chairs have slip-covers. Are they standard?

A. Chair-covers, sashes and installation are not standard in any Saucon Valley Acres Package. You the client may arrange for them on your own, or you may get them through Saucon Valley Acres at an additional per/chair price.